Hexol® Lubricants was established in Canada, in 1997 and has evolved over the years, creating an efficient sales network and promoting the Hexol brand overseas. From its founding, the company’s activity was focused towards export, targeting the Romanian market at first, then branching across Europe. To help deliver this value, Hexol® has made it its primary objective to deliver a reliable supply of products to customers and distributors worldwide.

Our key factor to success is the flexibility to adapt to our customers’ needs. By carrying out this strategy, we have managed to create a strong presence on the Romanian market. The increase of sales and a good development on the Romanian market led to the beginning of production of motor oils, industrial lubricants, universal greases and automotive chemicals in Romania starting with August 2001, alongside the imported products all under the Hexol® license/brand.

Starting with 2011, our company began to sell the entire product range on other markets such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia and Greece. In 2015 the export department was created and within a short period of time we managed to supply our products on 20 different markets, spread out across 3 continents. Our aim is to continue expanding this reach to new markets in the next years. All of our sales are organized through local distributors, due to a strong belief that they are best suited to promote Hexol® in the local markets.

From automotive engine lubricants to industrial fluids, greases and chemicals, our vast portfolio of consumer, commercial, and industrial products continuously provide sustainable solutions such as fuel economy, engine protection and ultimately extend the life of your equipment. Hexol® products are manufactured to meet the complex needs of today’s technologies.

Our dedication to product development, testing and performance will continue to ensure that our products will satisfy the highest requirements of not only today’s, but also tomorrow’s equipment. In our industry-leading laboratories, tomorrow’s products are already being made and tested. Fully hydro-treated paraffinic or synthetic base stocks are combined with state-of-the-art additives to satisfy the most demanding industry standards.

Our commitment to value will also ensure that your lubrication costs are the most competitive on the market. Everything from production to distribution is done in the most efficient manner – making sure that you get quality products at a cost-effective price.

It’s our people that really make the difference – people committed to your success, not just ours – people eager to solve your problems, not only our own.

Our core principle is to invest in long-term relations, firmly believing in the fact that people, not companies, develop businesses.

That’s what we mean by Hexol®.